Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Morning After...

9:37 am

The upstairs neighbor's dog rips a rampage of bark, pound-the-paws bark. A familiar cadence that has become part of the daily ritual. I'm okay with it this morning because I have come to the other side of H O M E and FAT ANGIE (third novel) teaser is coming along. Our premiere for H O M E was last night. Not a seat in the house at Kenwood Theatre. The opportunity to showcase the talent who dedicated time to James Bailey's project was what it should be. Theirs.

The soundtrack with music by Dinosaurs and Thunder, Mad Anthony, Shiny and the Spoon, and The Most Powerful Telescope in the Universe set the tone for the misguided Midwest teens and twenty-somethings ensnared in suburbia.

The sold out crowd enjoyed popcorn or maybe a plastic cup of white wine from the concession area. Dawn of Kenwood Theatre was an absolute rockstar on making us feel as important as a Spielberg screening. We got laughs we didn't expect and flinching in some places we anticipated. We came away with an insight of how to make the film tighter before we launch the film festival circuit.

As my first feature to Executive Produce, it was something to see a film go from conception to completion (well, we're almost there) and share it with colleagues, family and all associated or interested in the project.

It's the next morning. I'm back to mild manner, non-super hero life. Editing a book teaser for FAT ANIGE and wondering what I'll have for breakfast. But for the morning after, I'd have to say, it's a pretty good one. Up next? I'm ready to direct my own feature.

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