Monday, March 4, 2013

L O L (I Hope)

There's a million + 1 projects it seems rolling through the pipeline right now. For brevity and clarity, I'm gonna do a rewind and introduce you all to two films by Josh Flowers (Cannes Film Festival, CNN) and myself (not as famous as Josh most likely).

Josh and I are partners in cinematic crime, but we first began working together as the result of the Columbus 48 Hour Film Project (2010). It was then that we filmed BUBBLY in Cincinnati, Ohio. We drew:
  • Genre: Buddy Film
  • Prop: Cell Phone
  • Name: Sara Carpenter, ticket seller
  • Line of Dialogue: All you need is one of these.

We went on to win Best Writing and Best Original Score (thank you, Douglas Thornton who did us a solid + 10.9 times pi). It toured a number of film festivals, invited to the Menage a Trois Wine Film Festival (where we got to do director's commentary) and even spawned a mini-webseries.

Here is BUBBLY.

Josh and I came back for the Columbus 48 Hour Film Project (2012). We directed a film called BODY AND SOUL. Part of our jinx was when I said it might be too easy. There is no describing how wrong that assessment was as we got into the distinct challenge of needing a hospital location, constructing body casts and creating After Effects to hit an actor by a bus. And these are simply highlights to the hell the cast (and possibly some of the crew) went through to see the film realized.

We drew:
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Prop: Pizza Box
  • Name: Edward Bulmer, Tourist
  • Line of Dialogue: I have good news and bad news.
Sadly, we came up empty this time, and we have been swamped with other work that we are just getting BODY AND SOUL out there for people to see. With that said, if you dig it, give us a thumbs up on YouTube and repost the link.


Let me know if this hits your LOL.


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