Thursday, May 23, 2013

NOLA and More

May 8, 2013

Life is often about clarity. About taking out the mental trash and tuning out the noise, so you can unearth the real stuff. I needed some clarity, and I did what any clarity seeker does: Fly to New Orleans, LA. I know what you may be thinking. French Quarter, crawfish and tourist traps. Yes, this is some of the scenery that is the NOLA experience but not necessarily mine.

Staying with an artist and owner of Wags By Mags (the one stop, rock your NOLA pets world place), I've afforded an opportunity to see the textured buildings, homeless shelters, local dinner dives and essentially escape the blackhole of the beaten path for a NOLA with texture ... of clarity.

I squeezed in filming and massive writing on my fourth novel (just know I'm insane enough to write three at once). As for decompression time, I'm on that too. Some highlights on the journey so far have been meeting other writers and craft artist. Such as Summer Wood and Kerry Fitts. Getting to savor the delicious, powered sugar soaked beignets, I've walked miles in the humid heat and devour gallons of water. I'm excited for the weekend and curious what we'll be up to in our psedo-grown up adventures. For now, I'm more than elated to be here. Just being.

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