Monday, May 6, 2013

Skin Writing, Curiousity & Ale81

Here's the skinny. I write all the time. On napkins, scraps of paper, newspaper ads, toilet paper and even my own skin. Yes, I was in a concert with my friend and author C.G. Watson and they wouldn't allow me to type in my phone for fear that I was video recording the concert. BTW, Brandi Carlile I would still see you again in concert but this was incredibly frustrating. So, I borrowed a pen and wrote parts of a novel on my arms, hands and maybe an ankle.

Given the girth of scribbles, I still find blogging a challenge. It isn't a lack of interest. As you see, I'm doing it right now. I think it is more time management and also wondering what the heck you would find worthy of the time you invest. Writing tips? Movie making advice? Why I think Colegate tastes better than Aqua Fresh or Crest? The latter clearly not riveting. At some point, I hope people chime in with comments about what they may like to see her. I do have a lot to say about everything and nothing.

Let's see. So ... hmm. Today.

Ale81. Have you ever had this? Do you know about it beyond the bridges that connect Southern Ohio to Kentucky? If not, consider this your introduction to the delicious and unusual drink known as Ale81.

For non-drinkers (which should be everyone under 21 in the U.S.), you get the feel of being ultra cool when you show up to a party with a six pack of these delightful green bottles. They are sort of the undercover drink. Everyone thinks you are throwing back a beer and the joke is on them. As a non-drinker, I still want to blend with the adults sometimes because being grown up doesn't mean you don't want to fit in. And Ale81 is my fitting in drink.

I just realized I was supposed to make a big announcement. I guess I'll do that tomorrow now that I've written what is the most unfocused blog out there. In the meantime, here's to a day of creative chaos!


  1. Always enjoy being let in on your thoughts, Trujillo, whether you're blog-rambling about Crest-vs-Aqua Fresh or blog-revealing a deep sorrow or writing a profound novel or making a thought-provoking film. So glad your voice is part of the beautiful chaos of the world.

  2. but wait, i want to know what ale81 tastes like. is it like a gingerale? or more clear-soda tasting? i've never heard of it before. i don't think they sell it down here. i don't drink non-alcoholic carbonated beverages, but i'm fascinated.

  3. so it's a Gingerale and it's not. i have to say that Ale8One is a unique taste.