Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Night Before ...

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I like the idea of "the night before." It is wrought with so much potential. Before what? I'd love to see how many different stories could evolve simply out of that idea.

For us, the night before is about James Bailey's feature film H O M E. It premieres tomorrow at the Kenwood Theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio. Filmed May 2012, the post coming of age story minus the neo-realism of many films of it's origin, H O M E tightropes between indie and mainstream. At least, that's been my take from the various edits I've screened since summer 2012. Indie in story and mainstream in camera work and mammoth amount of locations. We got there with 59 Kickstarter supporters, NutFilms, River Films and sponsors (click for complete list) such as Taylor Jameson Hair Design and John Bogess, Comey & Shepard Realtors.

The behemoth that was the H O M E production is probably not unique to the indie film scene. Trying to turn nickles into dimes to keep production afloat, going over budget and under budget (yes, the oxymoron is intended). Filming 16 days, 121 pages, in a strict 12 hour per day window, with 31 locations, 18 cast members and dozens and dozens of extras. Surviving on our sponsor Ale8 generous donation of twenty-five cases of their highly caffeinated beverage. Decorating sets and talent with band merch, actors skating on boards donated by Fickleboards and consuming mass quantities of donated catering (when Karl's Kitchen had run it's course). Kevin Macku (character Jon), worked through a delirium of illness.

No one was injured.

No one quit.

The camera crew slept in my loft.

I discovered that 8 coffees at Starbucks is expensive.

And if there is a MVP to be named on the crew, it would be Matthew Montoya.

Everyone rallied around the idea of seeing this film realized.

This was the first feature film under my company PiƱata Productions. I am the Executive Producer for H O M E by title (along with Josh Flowers & Matthew Gallagher). I, like many others, took on many titles during and after production. All of which is the makings of future postings. Tonight though. It's the night before. It is wrought with so much potential.

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