Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Let It Go

Stories From The Road
July 1, 2013

This became our  catch phrase early on. The notion of letting go of expectations, necessities and other refinements. We were displaced by choice in an effort for me to excite and energize creativity in at-risk youth. The camera person was on the journey to grow as an educator and hopefully as a techie-in-training. Learning the intricate details of camera gear on the road for someone who is not a professional Director of Photography isn't always easy.

I have been exercising patience often.

I have failed a lot.

I continue to try again.

I didn't reach the numbers of at-risk programs I had hoped to in New Orleans. The Teen Zone at the New Orleans Public Library (Main Branch) was fantastic. But to stay on here for several days, I've felt disheartened that I couldn't get more off the ground. It feels like a half-failure. Here I was in what seemed to be a significant at-risk location, but I haven't been able to excite programs enough to return emails, phone calls or acknowledge any of my limited street cred.

So let's just say the doubt thickened by today. Here I am recharging my batteries (literally and figuratively) and working to plan the next leg of the journey. Following leads to Navajo at-risk youth along the selected drive. Trying to get ahead enough to have something happening in San Francisco while having a meal with Kickstarter supporters. Ordering posters and equipment (thank the universe for and hoping the budget could support me + 1 camera person for the month.

Changing the world isn't easy. Which is a "duh" to most. I just thought a few more opportunities would open up in New Orleans. It is fourth of July week. People head out of town. The world spins and at-risk empowerment pales in comparison to the fireworks and time at the beach. That was the pulse I got from my friend Margaret Coble who reminded me that the voyage was never about the numbers.

It's about impact and connections and exciting an idea. Talking with my camera person, I've started to realize there is a greater idea at work here. I haven't fully wrapped my mind around it, so I'm quiet on it. But I feel it brewing. Something is on the way!

Photo by C.G. Watson
Chico, CA

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