Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Fat Day, Selfies & Why All The Love

This is not my real hair.
I just celebrated my first Mardi Gras last week. First thing to know. It was cold by New Orleans (NOLA) standards. Thank the Universe, Buddha, the Goddess whoever you will for encouraging mi amiga, Watson, for making sure I owned a jacket. 

So I scored a lot of beads without lifting my shirt once and skipped the alcohol consumption because it’s not really my jam. And I had an amazing time because I snapped a series of selfies with random people and asked them what they loved most about the Mardi Gras experience. 

"Everybody gettin' down on the streets 
and havin' a good time together."
"This! This is it. This is that moment."
"Costumes, creativity. Everything."
"Look around you, man. This ..."

Bonus Pic 'cause dude's costumes is beast.

Grand Budapest Hotel
Radio station bumper stickers.

I only have an eye for you, baby.
"Used car lots!"

"OMG! All these crazy fucking people letting loose 
for a day. I love how everybody is celebrating life. 
You can feel it in the energy."
Unicorns or bust! 
Cards Against Humanity timeout.
Sunset Jacket.
"The glitter. These people all around me.
I love that I'm spending it in this community."
"It's really inspiring. How everyone is
doing their thing and not afraid of
doing it."
Speaker system for street dancing.
Random Cool Bike + Woman
Bloody Mary topped with bacon, jalapeƱos
& cheese on a bun.
"The craziness. You can do anything.
And Beads!!!"
"The community & the costumes and the glitter." 
"Coming out and seeing all the costumes."
Street Art
Puddle reflection.
Sticker Art
"Having ____ in the _______ of a dark ______." 

"The soul. The jazz. The freeness. It's just a good vibe."
"Wait? What's the question?"
And that's a few moments from the streets of New Orleans on Fat Tuesday 2015. Thanks for the memories.

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